• Work experience during university at Lionhead as a tester. This provided me with an insight into the games industry allowing me to be certain that it was the industry I wanted to join.


Part way through my degree course I applied for, and was lucky enough to receive, a short period of work experience with Lionhead Studios. This was great as it allowed me to see, for the first time, AAA games development. This helped confirm that games development, and more specifically games design, was the career I wanted to pursue.

During my brief time at Lionhead I worked as a tester on “The Movies” and “Black and White 2”. The Movies was a simulation game similar to Theme Hospital or Theme Park except the player was in charge of a major movie house. The game took place across the various eras with the player trying to improve their studios technology, hire the biggest stars and win awards. The game also had excellent movie making functionality that allowed the player to make their own machinima style movies in game.

Black and White 2 is a god sim where the player takes on the role of a god who can perform miracles, command armies and mentor a mighty avatar. The player can choose to use these fantastic powers to be good or evil.