• First role at Frontier as a senior tester, working as the lead of PC testing for The Outsider. It gave me my first insights into development and provided a solid knowledge that helped me with my move into design.
  • The Outsider was a third person stealth action thriller set in a fictional version of modern day Washington D.C. in which the main character is framed for the destruction of Air Force One and the assassination of the president.
  • The role involved create and completing test plans, entering and regressing bugs and delegating tasks to other members of the PC team.


I joined Frontier Developments in December 2009 as a senior tester working as the lead on “The Outsider”. The Outsider was an open world thriller where the player took on the role of Jameson, a secret agent who is framed for the assassination of the President and destruction of Air Force One. The game followed Jameson across a single day as he explores Washington DC attempting to clear his name.

As a lead tester on the project my role involved managing and helping hire a small team of testers. Our daily tasks would include sanity-checking the latest build and tools. We would then test parts of the game, log bugs and communicate major issues with the developers directly.

Unfortunately, in January 2011 the game was put on hold indefinitely and is unlikely to ever be released. The game was nearly complete and would have been released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms.

I  enjoyed my time on The Outsider as it helped to improve my communication, man management and knowledge of the games development process. It also gave me the opportunity to prove myself at Frontier which lead to me moving into the game design department.