• First design project at Frontier, moving onto the team early on in the project as part of the design team.
  • Design team were each in charge of different sections of the Disneyland park, in charge of designing and placing¬†interactive¬†objects, collectables and quest objectives.
  • I was also tasked with writing and implementing a large number of the quests in the game, which involved writing drafts of the dialogues and objectives and sending them for review with Microsoft and Disney. I then proceeded to script the quests in LUA and making sure that any required collectables were placed in the relevant sections of the park.


My first design project at Frontier was Kinect Disneyland Adventures. I was part of the park team who designed, placed and implemented the various interactive game objects located throughout the park. These objects included popular Disney characters, quest objectives, collectables and interactive items, to place them we used a combination of both Unity and Lua scripting.

I was also tasked with both writing and implementing many of the quests that were included in the game. I drafted the quests in a word, these were then sent off to both Microsoft and Disney for feedback. Once signed off the quests used both excel for text and voice over tags and Lua scripting for the core functionality. I really enjoyed this part of the project, as it was still a lot of fun writing quests for famous characters such as the Genie, Stitch and Buzz Lightyear.

As a first project I think that Kinect Disneyland Adventures was a great learning experience. I learnt how to work with other departments, outside sources and a good variety of software packages.