• Worked at SEGA as a functionality tester, senior tester and mastering engineer for over two years. During this time I worked on several titles on various platforms including Xbox 360, PSP and PC.


I began working at SEGA in 2007 and left after approximately two and a half years. Whilst at SEGA I tested a large mix of games, including the SEGA Rally Revo (PSP), the Football Manager Series, Virtua Tennis and even the SEGA Mega Drive collection. It was at SEGA where I progressed to the level of Senior Tester which included running small teams of testers. In my last few months at SEGA I was moved into the mastering department where my job was to create and track the discs and cartridges used to test. Whilst my time in mastering was only brief it gave me a basic understanding of the build process and demonstrated that I was trusted with sensitive data.