• I have been playing, running and designing tabletop roleplaying games for almost two decades. I have enjoyed all types from traditional Dungeons and Dragons to indie titles like Fiasco and Fate.
  • I’m currently part of four different gaming groups playing DnD, Warhammer fantasy roleplay and a game of my own creation. I love getting together with friends, rolling some dice, defeating the bad guys and coming up with great stories together.
  • I atribute RPGs with having a large influence on my career as a designer, providing me with a basis in game mechanics, maths, narratives and the importance of characters in stories.


For as long as I can remember I have been a fan of board games, war games and tabletop roleplay games. I have played in hundreds of games from traditional Dungeons and Dragons to more obscure titles such as Alternity. My love of these types of games has even led me to create my own rules system, more on which can be found here. I think I enjoy roleplay games because of the freedom they give to players. The games can be set in any world, or any time, and players can take on the role of anyone, from a stealthy Tolkien rogue to mighty superhero flying through the sky.

As a hobby I think that roleplay games have given me a lot back. They have helped to teach me the basics of game balancing and mechanics. Throughout the years I have run dozens of games, often in worlds of my own creation which has allowed me to flex my creative muscles and experience how characters shape a player’s experience.

As part of my games I often need to create resources for my players, which could come in the form of maps, newspapers or even entire worlds. Also for every game I run I need to create a setting, NPCs and locations.

I hope to continue creating interesting worlds and playing intriguing and exciting games for some time to come.