• Neon Sanctum is a card-based roleplaying system that I designed and created in my spare time. I kickstarted the game unsuccessfully (90% funding reached) in early 2015.
  • The game features a post apocalyptic cyberpunk setting of my own creation that received praise for it’s unique nature and the number of story and gameplay options it provided to GMs.
  • The game’s unique card-based mechanics received a lot of praise from reviewers.
  • Working on the game not only helped to hone my design skills but also allowed me to learn about layout, graphic design, community management, manufacturing, editing and project management.


neonCityIn my spare time over the last few years I have created a cyberpunk card-based RPG, Neon Sanctum. I love reading, watching and creating stories in the cyberpunk genre, and wanted to tap into that passion. As part of the game I created a cyberpunk setting within a post-apocalyptic world. This involved cyberpunk tropes such as gangs, mega-corporations and cybernetics alongside post-apocalyptic ideas such as mutations and the wasteland.

Neon Sanctum is a Roleplaying Game (RPG) with a difference. Most RPGs provide players with character sheets to store their characters’ skills, items, life, experience etc, but Neon Sanctum uses cards to represent all these things. The use of cards means that Neon Sanctum shared elements with Collectable and Trading Card Games (CCG/TCG), board games, wargames as well as other RPGs.

Below are a series of videos demonstrating how the game works below.

cropped-ruinCity3.jpgPlaytesters found that Neon Sanctum was more accessible than traditional RPGs, especially to those who were completely new to tabletop roleplay. I tested the game with friends, at stores, and at conventions.

The process of creating the game taught me a lot outside my existing skillset, and strengthened my project management skills; from marketing and social media promotion, to the mechanics of getting a card game printed.  I also employed and managed several freelance artists who helped me bring the game to life visually.

The game received overwhelmingly positive reviews when it was Kickstarted earlier this year, but sadly fell just short of the funding target (90%) and is currently under review. I’m very proud of what I acheived with Neon Sanctum. The project required a large amount of funding (£12,000) for an RPG product, had a minimal marketing budget and I came to market as a relative unknown.

After the Kickstarter I took the opportunity to step back and re-evaluate the product. I am still working on a similar idea but have put Neon Sanctum to one side for the moment.