• First job in the games industry working at EA, for Babel Media on Burnout Paradise.
  • During my time with Babel Media I worked with companies such as THQ, Lucasarts and eventual employer Frontier Developments.


My first job in the games industry was working for Babel Media at Electronic Arts on Burnout Paradise. As a functionality tester I worked on the PS3 version of the game. For most of the I was part of a specialised online test team. The role included play throughs, test plan coverage and regression and allowed me to learn about the use of bug database tools.

Part way through my time with EA the project was delayed and the teams were restructured. I was moved onto the Wii version of Harry PotterĀ seeingĀ the game through until release.

Once Harry Potter was launched my time with EA came to an end, and I started working with Babel Media as a freelance tester. This involved small periods of intense testing for various companies, during which I worked with companies such as THQ, Lucasarts and my eventual employers Frontier. The titles I worked on include Thrillville: Off the Rails, Race: Caterham Expansion and Warhammer 40K Squad Commander.

I’m very grateful to EA and Babel Media for giving me my start in the industry and giving me the basic skills I have used throughout my career.